TBB Power 1.2kVa/12v Energier Pro


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Energier Pro

Inverter Charger Combination

Energier Pro is a inverter charger charger combination designed for solar off grid and power backup solution. EnergierPro delivers high reliability, performance and industry leading efficiency for mission critical application. In areas where the grid is limited or unreliable, where diesel generators are still being heavily relied on, Energier Pro will be a perfect choice to compose a power backup or off grid power solution.
Energier Pro integrates multiple functions, including a powerfulbattery charger, true sine wave inverter and a high speed automatic transfer switch. Its distinguishing surge capablity makes it capable to power most demanding appliances, such as air conditioner, water pump, washing machine, freezer etc.
Model: CF0815M, CF1240L, CF1220M, CF1625M, CF2060L, CF3090L, CF2015S, CF3020S, CF4080M, CF5090M, CF5050S, CF6060S, CF8080S

TBB Power 1.2kVa/12v Energier Pro

  • Pure sine wave output with outstanding peak power
  • High efficiency up to 95%
  • Extremely low status consumption power· Solar mode makes the energy from sun be used as primary
  • TBB premium ll multistage charging algorithm with built in automatic temperature & voltage compensation hanging
  • Equalization charging program is available
  • Lithium Battery charging algorithm is available for flooded battery
  • Fully programmable with Vision Lite or Rapconfig software
  • GEN mode makes it compatible with cheap generators in the market
  • Weak Grid mode can dramatically increase the usage of grid upon available
  • Built in Power Sharing Function
  • Standby level adjustable
  • Built in AGS
  • Compatible with T-bus

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Color Blue
Manufacturer TBB
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TBB Power 1.2kVa/12v Energier Pro