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Technical Data


  • Detachable LCD
  • Pure sine wave
  • Power factor 1.0
  • PV input 500Vdc Max
  • Built-in MPPT 100A
  • Capable to work without battery
  • Detachable dust cover for harsh environment
  • WiFi remote monitoring optional
  • Compatible work with lifepo4 battery
  • Support multiple output priority: UTL, SOL, BU, SUB
  • Parallel operation up to 12 units in 1 phase or 3phase
  • EQ function to optimize battery performance and extend lifecycle


This is a multi-functional inverter/charger, combining functions of inverter, solar charger and battery charger to offer uninterruptible power support in portable size. Its comprehensive LCD display offers user -configurable and easy- accessible button operation such as battery charging current, AC/solar charger priority ,and acceptable input voltage based on different applications.

Upgrade Your Power Experience with the 5.5KVA 48V (DM SERIES) Hybrid Inverter

Get ready for a game-changing experience with the 5.5KVA 48V (DM SERIES) Hybrid Inverter, brought to you by SMKSolar Technology Nigeria Limited. In a country where power problems are common, this inverter can help solve those problems. Say goodbye to annoying blackouts, high electricity bills, and cost of fuel.

What make this inverter stand out from the rest?

Uninterrupted Power:

The 5.5KVA 48V (DM SERIES) Hybrid Inverter is your go-to power backup. Imagine never worrying about blackouts or voltage fluctuations again. You can even connect up to 12 units to power your home or business.

Smart Energy Management:

This inverter is not just a power source; it’s a genius at managing energy. It has a feature called EQ that makes your batteries last longer while working smarter.

Solar Power at Your Fingertips:

The inbuilt 100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller is like having your solar power plant. It charges your batteries using the sun’s energy, saving you money and making Nigeria greener. Plus, it can handle high voltage inputs, making it super-efficient.

Built Tough:

The 5.5KVA 48V (DM SERIES) Hybrid Inverter is built to last, no matter where you put it. It’s tough, resilient, and can handle harsh conditions. Even if dust is a problem, no worries – it has a removable cover to protect it.

Easy Setup:

Don’t stress about installation – our experts will set it up for you. For maximum power, add compatible batteries. And if you’ve ever thought about going solar, we can help you with that too. Just add some solar panels, and you’re on your way to energy independence.

Fantastic Features:
  • Clean and Stable Power: Your gadgets will love it because it’s like the power from the grid, only better.
  • Optional WiFi Remote Monitoring: Keep an eye on your inverter from your phone or computer, no matter where you are.
  • LiFePO4 Battery Compatibility: You can even use LiFePO4 batteries for extra power options.
Versatile Applications:
  • A Comfortable Home: Make sure your home is always comfortable for your family, even during blackouts.
  • Business Boost: Keep your small business running smoothly with uninterrupted power.
  • Portable Power: Take your reliable power source to outdoor events or remote locations, where there’s usually no electricity.
Capabilities and What You Can Power:

The 5.5KVA 48V (DM SERIES) Hybrid Inverter is a powerhouse that can run a wide range of advanced devices and appliances, making life more comfortable and productive:

  • Air Conditioners: Stay cool and comfortable with this inverter, even when the weather is scorching.
  • Refrigerators and Freezers: Keep your food fresh, and say goodbye to food spoilage during long power outages.
  • Microwaves: Prepare meals and heat food quickly without interruptions.
  • Washing Machines: Wash your clothes efficiently, making laundry day a breeze.
  • Home Theater Systems: Enjoy high-quality entertainment with top-notch audio and visual systems.
  • Computers and Servers: Keep your computers and servers running without any downtime.
  • Medical Equipment: If you rely on medical equipment like oxygen concentrators or CPAP machines, this inverter ensures they never stop working.
  • Gaming Consoles: Gamers can continue their adventures without any interruptions, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.
  • Photocopiers and Printers: Offices can keep their workflow steady with uninterrupted operation of essential office equipment.
  • Power Tools: It can also handle power tools, making it suitable for small workshops.

While the 5.5KVA 48V (DM SERIES) Hybrid Inverter is highly capable, it’s essential to understand its limits. The inverter’s power output of 5.5KVA translates to approximately 4,400 watts. It can power multiple standard household appliances simultaneously, but it may struggle with extremely high-power devices like large industrial machinery or heavy-duty industrial air conditioning systems.

It’s crucial to evaluate your specific power needs and the combined wattage of the devices you plan to power. If your total power demand exceeds the inverter’s capacity, prioritize essential appliances or consider connecting additional units in parallel to meet your needs. SMKSolar Technology Nigeria Limited can guide you in optimizing your power supply.


The 5.5KVA 48V (DM SERIES) Hybrid Inverter is more than just an inverter; it’s your key to a new era of power. It’s about expanding your possibilities, cutting your costs, and fully embracing a future where power problems are a thing of the past. Make the switch today and experience the extraordinary with SMKSolar Technology Nigeria Limited. Get yours today!

More Information
Color White
Manufacturer SMKSOLAR
Model Number SMK-DM5500-100
amps 100amps
Frequency 50/60Hz
Capacity 5.5kVa/48v
Phase Single-Phase
Input Voltage Range 120 - 500DVC
Output Voltage Range 230V
Weights in kg 10
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