Felicity 7.5kVa/48v Inverter LF


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Powerful Low Frequency 7.5kVA Output Solar Inverter For Home Appliances

Felicitysolar off grid solar charger inverters, cover power 2500va 3500va 5000va with DC24/48 voltage adaptable. Single phase transit power AC220v, supply for home equipment solution.


7.5KVA 48V Hybrid Off Grid Inverter For House Solar System


Product Introduce

Solar inverter, or converter, or PV inverter converts the variable DC output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current (AC) that can be off-grid electrical network. It is a critical balance of system–component in a solar power system, allowing the use of ordinary AC-powered equipment.



1. Protect personal safety

2. Temperature compensation, protect battery

3. Battery overcharge, discharge protect

4. Inverter over load, output short circuit protect

5. Over temperature protect

6. Transposition protect

7. AC input, output over-current protect

8. Charge short circuit protect

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Solar Inverter IVPS
Norminal DC Input Voltage48v
Charge & Line Mode Specification
Norminal Input Voltage220Vac
Low Line Disconnect90Vac±7Vac
Low Line Re-connect AC Input Range100Vac±7Vac
High Line Disconnect280Vac±7Vac
High Line Re-connect270Vac±7Vac
Output Voltage WaveformAs same as input waveform
Efficiency(Line mode)≥95%(Rated R load, and battery is full charged)
Transfer switch RatingAC 40A
Transfer time(AC to DC)15ms(typocal)
Transfer time(DC to AC)15ms(typocal)
Pass Through Without BatteryYes
Input Overload CurrentAC 40A
Norminal Output VoltageDependent on battery type
Max Charge VoltageDC 40A
Charge Current RegulationCharge current adjustable:0A,10A,20A,30A,40A
Breaker SizeDependent on battery type or Self-defined
Over Charge protectionYes
Inverter Mode Specification
Output Voltage WaveformPure Sine Wave
Power Factory1
Nominal Output Voltage220Vac±5%
Nominal Output Frequency(Hz)50±0.3Hz/60±0.3Hz(adjustable)
Over-load Protection(SMPS)60s@≥150% load; 120s@105%-150% load
Surge Rating2*rated power for 5 seconds
Capable of starting electricYes
Output Short Circuit ProtectionYes
Output overlaod currentAC 40A
Nominal DC Input Voltage48Vdc
Low Battery Alarm11.5V/23V/46Vdc@load<50%;11V/22V/44Vdc@load>=50%
Low  battery Recovery11.75V/23.5V/47Vdc@load<50%;11.5V/23V/46Vdc@load>=50%
Low DC Input Shut-down10.75V/21.5V/43Vdc@load<50%;10.5V/21V/42Vdc@load>=50%
High DC Input Alarm& Fault15.75Vdc±0.4/31.50Vdc±0.4V/63Vdc±0.4V
High DC Input Recovery15.5Vdc±0.4/31.0Vdc±0.4V/62Vdc±0.4V
Oprating Temperate0 to 40
Range Storage temperate-15-60


Product Detail

220V Output Off Grid 220V 48VDc Solar Power Generator

7.5KVA 48V 50/60HZ Compatible Bypass Off Grid Inverter With Lcd Screen

Solar Inverter For Home Appliances

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Manufacturer Felicity
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